Hello and shalom to you.
It has been quite some time since I last blogged on this site. However those of you who regularly listen in  "Live" or tune in to my "Blogtalkradio Archives"  understand how much time and effort  we have put into that area of ministry.

The numbers joining me on the show "Live" continues to grow. We have made many great friends and connections through this ministry. Even to the point where two other BTR  Ministries are supporting Beit Lechem financially on Blogtalkradio after we upgraded to premium.

So I urge you to also support their Internet Shows by tuning in whenever you are able to. These are "Word of Encouragement Ministries" with Elder Cole and "The Reason of the Hope Broadcast" with Pastor Dean Watson.

Of course we welcome your financial support and prayers for their ministries as well as for  Beit Lechem Fellowship.
You would be amazed to know how such support given can be such a blessing to those actively Preaching and Teaching The Pure Word.

So what is new you might ask?

There really is nothing new . What is always new is the understanding of what is happening to us, through us and all around  us. And this through the intervention of Yahweh in the Name of Yeshua in the Power of His Holy Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh in the lives of all who seek Him.

And this can be a mystery to many. Why would a Hol,y Holy, Holy Elohim want to even bother with man? Not just man but man in a fallen state!

Love is the answer. Love for you is His motivating movement upon the Earth today. He has instituted His Kingdom on the Earth and now He is seeking out those who would in turn seek to know Him.

And we can know Him. It is not difficult. The difficulty we have with such an ambition is  our own will to pursue Yahweh in Yeshua Ha Moshiach by The Ruach Ha Kodesh. Our will to do, shapes our destiny, our future.

So what is your will going to do for you? Are you leading your life or is your will,  under the influence of someone else, leading you?

Are you going to bring your will under the control of The Holy Spirit? Are you prepared to change? Do you even want to change?

Now this is the nitty gritty. Isn't it? You can trust your Heavenly Father, Abba or you can trust you!!  Rabbi Ralph Messer of Simcha Torah Beit Midrash once preached, "please don't leave me with me Father, I know I will mess it up"!

And isn't that the truth? We need today, at probably the most important time in history, to avail ourselves of the wisdom and teaching of a Divine nature. And this is why the Holy Spirit was sent, was given. For this express purpose. To lead us and to guide us into all things concerning Yeshua our Messiah.

And this is the essence of Yahweh's Torah. His teaching, Instruction, Guidance and Direction for your life. It restores Divine Order to your life and teaches you The Constitution of The Kingdom of Yahweh our Elohim. It teaches us how to live!

But so many ignore this. Even though it is the integral component of the Renewed Covenant, The Brit Ha dashah.

This "demon"strates the lies and iniquities of our forefathers who have left us a Torahless heritage. Or in Greek terminology A Lawlessness that even today pervades most if not all of Christianity. This is a ridiculous situation that after 2000 years we are even further from the Truth that Yeshua revealed to The World.

And the reason for this is the subtle and insidious nature of Greek Hellenism. Obviously a highly fancied weapon of our adversary Ha Satan.

With all that we have been given and shown by Yahweh,  Christianity still determines and translates Scripture using a Greco-Roman, Pagan, Western Mindset.  A godless philosophic lifestyle will ultimately be the demise of it's adherents.

So where are you in all of this?  Are you ready to have your mind restored and transformed by the washing of the Pure Word?

Are you ready to understand the Scriptures as you have never known them before? Are you ready to understand the Hebrew Yeshua or are you comfortable with a Greek Jesus? There is a difference. Like hot and cold, coloured or black and white. Do you want the scriptures to deliver to your mind a clear and vivid picture of understanding? 

If you can remember  this final teaching note it will really help you to distinguish between a Hebrew and Greek Mindset. Watch for  the subtle change in word positioning.

The Greek Mindset worships the Holiness of Beauty.
The Hebrew Mindset worships the Beauty of Holiness.
Shalom and see you on the Show.
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