Shalom and Shabbat Shalom to you all.
It is with some measure of sadness and regret I blog today.  An event of some magnitude was brought to my attention this week that made me a very unhappy chappy.
The accompanying video of the story can be found on youtube. No doubt it will eventually turn viral and the whole world will be informed.
 As much as I have come to appreciate the teaching abilities of Ralph Messer I cannot contain my disappointment at his connection with the New Birth Ministries Church and it's father figure the one and only Bishop Eddie Long.
The event seems to fly in the face of everything I have learnt from this man Ralph Messer over many years.
It may well be that we do not have the full picture as yet and many have jumped the gun. However when viewing the video of the particular service it does not leave much room for doubt that something is dreadfully wrong.No doubt the Hebrew Roots movement will bare the brunt of the hit from this anomaly which has taken place.

Where was the forethought and the wisdom behind this giving of the Torah to Eddie Long and the mandate to make him king?
Didn't Ralph Messer and his team understand the ramifications that would come from the overflowing support and endorsement of a man who was publicly seen as a liar and a conniver. A man who obviously has homosexual tendencies and a lifestyle that even the world abhors when it comes to living a lavish lifestyle while pilfering  his congregation.prevails in the sick world of endtimes Christianity. Is this perhaps another moneygrabbing effort by the Christian Elite?  It is hard to imagine a worse case scenario for those who are returning to the Ancient Paths and to the  lifestyles and morals of our Patriarchs, Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

To those of you who have taken my advice in the past either through this blog or through my teachings on Blogtalkradio to listen to or support Ralph Messer then my advice is simple. Pray!!  Rabbi Messer has been a fantastic teacher and no doubt will continue to teach a message of extreme importance. Many will challenge his methods of teaching and the very things that he teaches from a Hebraic perspective. However few things can I fault or question that he has taught me over the years. 
I am dead against idolatry in any way shape or form. Rabbi Ralph Messer is just a man. Pure and simple. But a man I am extremely grateful to. Never rely on a man or a woman so much that when some event such as this occurs it destroys you. Never DEPEND on another human being. Depend always on Yeshua Ha Moshiach Rabbi Ralph would no doubt givel you the same advice

 My advice is for you to do the same. These days are far too dangerous to put up with foolishness in our own lives and affairs let alone being connected with ministries who have gone off the rails. 

Has Ralph Meser gone off the rails? We will never really know until we receive some sort of explanation. And you must await the explanation.I  love the man but I patently refuse to participate or support any minister or ministry that  brings the Word of Yahweh into disrepute.

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!

It is with much relief that every single email sent to three scources at Simcha Torah Beit Midrash has been replied to!
The youtube video in question is only what transpired at the end of a very long and detailed  teaching.
You must watch the entire service to understand what is happening with Eddie Long.
Indeed it is virtually a public Deliverance session. This is Eddie Long's oppurtunity to come out from under that demonic realm he has been held captive in. It is a picture of freedom from slavery. Whether Long returns to Egypt or not is to be seen and this is true for each one of us.
The entire service video has been made available to watch at
My advice is to watch it and understand it. By all means contact me if you still have concerns. Always remember we were once slaves in Egypt!
Rabbi Ralph is very concious of the fact that most people learn through all the senses. It is not the first time I have watched The Torah Scroll being used to  clearly show a point he is trying to make. Or any other form of audio-visual aid for that matter.
I hope this note helps you to understand what occurred at New Birth Church a little better.
The man Eddie Long is suffering, he has been very sick, he has been held captive. Only time will see if he chooses the Ancient Paths, if he seeks the good way and walks in it.
Only time will tell us if he has accepted the high calling of servanthood, priesthood and kingship under the Order of Melkizedek.



Yours in Yeshua Ha Moshiach
Raymond J. Brightwell


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