Shabbat Shalom and Shalom.
What a crazy mixed up world we all live in today. The truth be known the world has always been a messed up institution or organisation. For without Yahweh's Torah there can be no real peace and stable government. Without Yahweh's Torah there can be no correct teaching and instruction. No sustainable guidance and direction. Every man does exactly as he wants. Exactly as his own desires dictate. This is involvement in the worldly organisation that has decreed that they have no need of Yahweh the One who is their very own Creator.

Now if that is not a sign of open and deliberate rebellion, what is?  I know of not one world leader today, from any country, who is solidly Bible or Torah based.   Not one!  Even a diplomat of minor standing.  Oh they may all claim to be a Christian or Believers in the Bible but what does their conduct tell us?  More than likely that they are in it for themselves. This is truly a Greek and Roman concept. Fight for what you desire.

But this is not the Way for a True Believer. It never has been! Did Christ fight for renown? Did Yeshua ever fight to be made Prime Minister, President or a leader in any way shape or form within the worldly system? No Yeshua showed us the perfect way to be the salt of the earth or Light of the world. Trust and obedience in Our Father is what Yeshua taught us through His time on Earth

Humilty towards and obedience to the very Torah that perhaps 99%  of all Christians openly reject today. Whether it be The Feast Days of Yahweh, the Dietary Instructions of Yahweh, the abstainance from food sacrificed to idols, eating meat with  blood or just understanding any of the 613 Basic Principles for Life contained in The Torah, people wantonly display their profound ignorance and rebellion towards their Saviour.

But am I being a little harsh? Surely if I declare such things am I not suggesting I am perfect? Ha!! Don't make me laugh. Christ is my perfection. Christ only is perfect. In Him I am found. In Yeshua I live and move and have my being!  Yahweh has created in me a desire to know Him and to live for Him and no other.

It is no longer by the letter of the Torah, Shaul declares, but by a new and living way of the Holy Spirit. Again does this suggest we can do anything we like in the world because we now live by the Spirit. Heaven forbid no!!  Rather what our lives manifest  should show the world clearly who  rules and reigns in our liives. The goodness and mercy of Yahweh should be always prevalent and showing forth Yeshua. We  Believers who live in the world need not be a part of the worlds way of thinking and behaving.

Indeed in our patient endurance we allow Yeshua to take control of our lives and manifest Himself to others. This is a sacrifice much more acceptable to Yahweh than a hundred thousand million bulls. Are you willing to sacrifice your self? Are you willing to be so free that Yeshua is able to use you powerfully every moment of every day?

That "free" of course is is something only you can orchestrate in your life. It is called "free-dom" of choice. A total decision by your own heart to serve without constraint and without fear that "One" who rescued you for such a time as this.

Happy decision making everyone!!

Your servant in Yeshua,

Raymond J. Brightwell 
4/13/2012 10:00:53

when you write Christ, are you saying Yeshua is a Greek? it sounds like you are saying you are a Christian. Christ is your perfection. That is Christian talk. You might as well write Jesus and skip the charade about Yeshua.

4/13/2012 10:12:50

...but by a new and living way of the Holy Spirit. Again does this suggest we can do anything we like in the world because we now live by the Spirit. well, yes, we can do anything we like in the world because we now live by the Spirit. For one, our likes are different now that we live by the Spirit. It is perfectly acceptable. we cant forget who HE IS. and we have to maintain truth and honesty, and we have to have an attitude of gratitude. That is it. We will know that there are many activities that we dont like, and wont do.


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