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So many Believers today are ill prepared in their lives and in their minds for what is about to come upon the world in our time.
Our lives should be a picture of what is in our heart. Our speech ought to be an oracle for what is on our mind.
Unfortunately little of these things are apparent in the Christian world.

How can this be possible? Especially when the essence of the Renewed Covenant, which we all claim as our own, specifies that we now have the very Torah of Yahweh written on our heart and written on our mind!

The only barrier anyone has to be able to live out the Life of Christ in them is something we ought to be in control of.  That is our own self will. Not the self will of anyone else but the self will we all have.

Why do we find it so hard to change?  Is it education or slothfullness? Or is it even unbelief?

Ephesians 2:14 talks about a dividing wall of hostility that "was" against us.  How does the Renewed Covenant expect to deal with this barrier of hostility in our life? A clue is found in the very same verse. The abolishment of the Law in  Yeshua's flesh.

Now I want you to know that this is such a powerful verse which should enable every believer to step out in their walk with Christ
in total confidence. And this is because now we have a no condemnation aspect to our life.

Also the scriptures remind us that we can now do all things through Christ who strengthens us.  And this strength He gives us is  for the benefit of our spiritual walk. And our spiritual walk in Christ/Yeshua ought to be one of peace which is why He has has become our peace. Without the Peace of Yeshua in our lives there is very little the Holy Spirit can help us with because this peace of Christ becomes the foundation on which He builds us up.

Now we can begin to understand the incredible power that is the Torah. Yahweh's Teaching and Instruction, Guidance and Direction for our lives.  The Torah teaches us how to prepare our minds and our hearts to receive his blessings spiritually emotionally, financially and physically.

In Israel these last few days we have seen a dividing wall of hostility at the centre of trouble on the Syrian/Israeli Border.
Surely this is a picture for us of how not to behave. This is certainly an attempt by mob rule to circumvent the jurisdiction over another peoples domain.  Is this how we dismantle a barrier? Certainly not!

We are not to be like that. The Holy Spirit is a total friend. Yahweh will never force His opinion upon us. Always He presents His case and patiently awaits our response. A reaction is never warranted because you are not  being forced. 

And this is the secret of The Renewed Covenant. It is your inheritance. You can pick it up or you can lay it down. You can despise your inheritance or you can treasure it.

The One who left this inheritance for you died,,,,,, and then He rose again. And now for the first time ever the One who died has returned to administer and to correctly interpret the terms and conditions of the very" Will" He left for His children.

Now our Lawyer and Solicitor, of Jewish Birth, walks us through our Covenant of Promise, our share in the Commonwealth of Israel, where our only barrier to maximising all of our potential benefits contained in the Brit HaDasha is,,,,,,,,, our own self will.

Lets not be hostile towards the best news we have ever heard. That now the barrier is down, the road is straight and the road is
 narrow and clear for us to walk upon. 

The scripture warns us, for all men are without excuse.   And that is the truth.

Yahweh bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you shalom.

Till next time, Ray. 

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